Pediatricians Say Absolutely No Drinking While Pregnant

Sure, you know you're not supposed to drink while pregnant. But what about those glasses of wine you had before you found out? Is a little OK in the third trimester? Or when you're anxious and can't sleep?




How much do you know about prescription drug abuse in Wisconsin?

Behavioral Health

In the past, many supporting and advocacy organizations have been developed with a singular focus (i.e., substance abuse, mental health, prevention, treatment or recovery). The Wisconsin Behavioral Health Association feels it is important to represent both substance use and mental health service sectors along the continuum of service delivery. The phrase “behavioral health” is used to describe service systems that encompass prevention and promotion of emotional health; prevention of mental and substance use disorders, substance use, and related problems; treatments and services for mental and substance use disorders; and recovery support.

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Continuum of Care

A comprehensive approach to behavioral health also means seeing prevention as part of an overall continuum of care. The Behavioral Health Continuum of Care Model recognizes multiple opportunities for addressing behavioral health problems and disorders. Based on the Mental Health Intervention Spectrum, first introduced in a 1994 Institute of Medicine report, the model includes the following components:

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