About Us:

History and Overview:

For many years the Wisconsin Prevention Network (WPN) operated as a statewide membership association of individuals and organizations working together to assure human and financial resources for prevention and wellness, representing  more than  30-prevention community coalitions. For the past several years,  due in part  to multiple work commitments and other obligations, the leadership and volunteers of WPN found themselves in a position, where they could no longer effectively run and manage an active WPN organization. As a result, in December 2014, WPN elected a new Board of Directors with a goal of reenergizing the organization.  

As the new board of directors met, they  recognized that many  key state organizations i.e. WAAODA (Wisconsin Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse), Wisconsin Clearinghouse, and Health First who provided support for treatment and prevention efforts had dissipated, and the recovery community throughout the state lacked  representation. To accommodate these gaps, the board expanded WPN to include treatment and recovery, as well as addressing the needs of the broader field of behavioral health including both mental health and substance abuse. In recognition of the new and expanded scope of work, the organization underwent a name change, becoming Wisconsin Behavioral Health Association Inc. (WiBHA).

The mission of WiBHA is to promote positive behavioral health outcomes through training, advocacy, and partnering with mental health and substance abuse professionals. The  organization is currently  coordinated by a volunteer board and will employ contracted services  as more time-intensive projects are needed to be completed. To sustain financial viability the organization will rely and be supported by  sponsorships, grants and membership fees.

One of the primary purposes of the organization will be to support its members and strengthen the behavioral health field, by being proactive and responsive to the needs of its members. Though WiBHA is still in its infancy, on-going improvements and development of membership benefits will continue to evolve as the Board listens and learns of the needs of its members.

We hope you see the value of WiBHA and will help us grow by becoming a member or sponsor today.