Focus on Behavioral Health:

Behavioral health. In the past, many supporting and advocacy organizations have been developed with a singular focus (i.e., substance abuse, mental health, prevention, treatment or recovery). The Wisconsin Behavioral Health Association believes it is important to represent both substance use and mental health service sectors along the continuum of service delivery. The phrase “behavioral health,” according to SAMHSA, is used to describe service systems that encompass prevention and promotion of emotional health; prevention of mental and substance use disorders, substance use, and related problems; treatments and services for mental and substance use disorders; and recovery support.

The Wisconsin Behavioral Health Association calls for quality assurance for an integrated, person-centered, delivery system which includes bridging supports, and building capacity and sustainable strategies. State and local health and human service agencies can achieve better health outcomes through flexible and adequate funding, utilization of evidence-based practices, enhancement of care coordination, reduction of adverse events, healthy living for communities, on-going training for professionals, and engagement of those with lived experience.

Wisconsin citizens, health professionals and policy makers are recognizing the impact that substance abuse and mental health conditions have on the health, safety and economy of individuals, families and the State as a whole. Wisconsin needs a strong voice to work towards effective and accessible behavioral health services. WiBHA will provide the platform for individuals and organizations alike to advance the behavioral health field while improving the communities we live in.